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Did you Just Knock the Main Office Door?

Well, there is no need for that. Come on in, get to know us and all what you want because we are not a secret box, we are Tamil Nadu Tourist Places !

Tamil Nadu Tourist Place is a website where you can find Beaches, Hill Stations, Temples, Monuments and many more. Get information about every Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu  in this website and we are sure that you would feel like being in Tamil Nadu while reading our Tamil Nadu Tourism Guide..

Myself an Engineering Student from Tamil Nadu currently living in Bangalore persuing job in the field of Website Developement. I did so many websites for many people in many sectors.

One day I decided do to something for my  birth town , i know very well that i cant change anything upside down in a single day or give a boom . I decided to contribute something to my home town Tamil Nadu , and i  started this website to spread the beauty of Tamil Nadu to all the people all around the globe.

So How are “We” Gonna Achieve It?

Well, I  believe that any information is necessary for people to know. A person visiting our site will definitely have some quality time to spend.

Lastly, if you would love to write any informative articles to be posted on this site (ever), think that we have already accepted your proposal. Mail it to us any day anytime at tamilnadutouristplaces@gmail.com

Thank you so much for coming this far!

So what are you  waiting for? Start filling your hunger with all the information provided. Most importantly, Have fun while you’re at it! Visit our HOME Sweet HOME